The Sandralex company

Sandralex was created in 2000 by two passionate researchers and specialists of the soap factory and fat.

It meets 2 requirements from the very beginning:

> The traditional know-how of the processes of saponification and neutralization with a constant focus on innovation and exploration for new territories and formulas.

> Extracting the best of vegetal resources by privileging the use of natural and\or biological ingredients rather than the mixtures of synthetic surfactants.

 Based on the company's knowledge, competence and experience in the research and manufacturing field of cosmetics, Sandralex always maintains the same quality requirement from start to finish.

The Sandralex company, located at the heart of Provence, at the base of the mountain saint-Victoire (between Marseille and Aix-en-Provence), enjoys a continuous and steady growth since its launch and is also involved in renowned researches.

Société sandralex